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Gongs are produced in AR-600 armor and AR-500 grade steel using 3/8" or 1/2" thickness. Gongs are a simple tool used for interactive training and competitive fun. They are built for heavy impact and longevity. Each target is engineered, designed and manufactured by Aimbot Targets.


Target Dimensions: Minimum size of 8" x 8" 


Additional Product Information:

  • Gongs are made in 8 different sizes, square or circle (8" to 24") 

  • The main rule for shooting any steel targets is to keep your rounds under 2850 feet per second to avoid the targets from pitting  

  • Withstand any handguns at min distance of 10 yards

  • Withstand rifles up to 2850 feet per second at 100 yards

  • Withstand .50 caliber and .338 Lapua at a distance of 200 yards

  • All distances are a minimum suggestion, shooters are responsible for maintaining proper safety precautions, avoid using any armor piercing rounds, and always be mindful of splatter 


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