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Aimbot plug in targets are produced in AR-500 armor in 1/2" thickness. These targets are designed for easy use, easy set up and able to shoot anywhere. We offer as a one piece or two piece design. The target is designed so you either assemble on site or just stick it in the ground and shoot away. You have the added fun of the target swing action with adding two springs to the two piece design. Each target is engineered, designed and manufactured by Aimbot Targets.

Dimension one piece: 8" x 44" 

Dimension two piece : 8" x 30" target with 4.5" x 12" base

Additional Product Information:

  • The targets offers fun, easy and safe shooting 

  • The main rule for shooting any steel targets is to keep your rounds under 2850 feet per second to avoid the targets from pitting

  • Simply stick these targets into the ground and your ready to shoot

  • Safe to shoot with handguns up to .44 magnum and rifles up to 2850 feet per second

  • Made with AR-500 armor steel for the best quality target

  • Excellent for training at short distances or long distances 

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