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Silhouette targets are produced in AR-600 armor and AR-500 grade steel using 1/2" or 3/8" thickness. Designed to IPSC standards we offer 3 different sizes. Cut with 2 holes for hanging option or no hole for bracket mounting. Torso silhouette targets cover any handgun ammunition up to .44 magnum and rifle ammunition up to 2850 feet per second. Each target is engineered, designed and manufactured by Aimbot Targets.


Dimensions: full size 18" x 30"   

Additional Product information:

  • Aimbot Targets offers 3 sizes 33%, 66% or full size IPSC torso

  • The main rule for shooting any steel targets is to keep your rounds under 2850 feet per second to avoid the targets from pitting

  • Product is designed to provide you with the best shooting experience in a competition style target 

  • Typically used for big rifles and heavy ammunition these targets are designed to be shot at long or short range 

  • Designed for multiple impact and long term use we offer this product in 1/2" AR-500 or 3/8" AR-600 to ensure the product stands up to your daily shooting  

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